MAC wish list

Hi, it’s me again. I’m coming at you with a MAC wish list. If you have any comments, recommendations, questions, etc. just leave a comment and i’ll be sure to get back to you ASAP.

I plan to get a 15 eyeshadow palette, and these are the shadows I plan to fill it with. Yes, there are only 14, but I plan on putting “all that glitters” (which I have) in the palette. I don’t plan to get them all at one time. Sorry that I don’t have photos for them, but I couldn’t get pictures of my own that were good sizes. These are all pretty much neutral colors. These colors are grain, gleam, hush, expensive pink, shroom, jest, naked lunch, retrospeck, cork, woodwinked, soft brown, honesty, honeylust, and satin taupe, and mulch. I plan to get them in the pan form ($11), but if I were to want them in the pot form, they would be $14.50.

I also want to purchase MAC bronzing powder in “bronze”When I went to MAC last time, I asked for a concealer and powder, and they put them on my face. They also put this bronzer on my face, as well as a blush (which I will talk about in a bit) and strobe cream (which I got a little sample of). It looked nice on me, and I don’t normally like shimmery bronzers. The cost is $22.(side note: what’s your favorite: Benefit Hoola [matte], MAC bronzing powder in bronze [shimmer], or MAC bronzing powder in matte bronze [matte, of course]).

Next, I want to purchase “peachykeen” blush. It costs $18.50 in the pot, and $15.50 in the pan (I want the pot version).

This is the blush they put on me, and it looked nice, so……. i want it….. 🙂

I ALSO want 2 brushes, the 239 and the 222.

I want fix +, but just because I like the bottle. I would get the evian facial spray, but the bottle isn’t re-usable. after I finish with the fix +, I’d fill it with water and just spray water on my face 🙂

finally, I want MAC paint pot in bare study.

thats it for now! xoxo



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First Post: Mac Haul

Hi! My name is, oh right, I am anonymous. 🙂 so, I’ll just get right into it. I am a beginner in MAC makeup. But, don’t let that fool you. I do know a good amount about beauty and makeup. So, with that said, I am going to get right into the haul.

My first trip to MAC I purchased 2 things. First, MAC cremesheen glass in “deelight”. it is the 4th cremesheen glass from the left. It is a neutral color that matches my lips perfectly. I didn’t think it would be a match, but the MAC consultant recommended it to me. All cremesheen glasses are $18. I will give you a review in the near future.

Next, I purchased “all that glitters” eyeshadow. It’s a very pretty golden-peach, and the finish is veluxe pearl. It costs $14.50 for the eyeshadow in the pot. If you want it just in the pan, it costs $11. I have used it almost everyday since purchase. Like “deelight” cremesheen, I will put up a review shortly.

On my next trip to MAC (well, the counter at Nordstrom) I was looking for face products. I asked the consultant what concealer was best for a blemish, and she recommended “select cover-up” in NC20. The price of this is $16.50. Just like the last two products (and the next one) a review will be coming up soon.

Also, I asked her what powder I should get. I was going to get mineralize skinfinish natural, I just didn’t know what shade I was. But, instead, the consultant recommended “studio fix powder” in NW20. I didn’t really want a foundation, but they know more than me what my skin needs. I have mostly clear skin, but I get the occasional blemish or two. The price of this is $26

Well, that’s all I have purchased from MAC so far. I only bought one of the things I was expecting to, but so far, I like them a lot. Thanks for stopping by, and come back soon for some fun posts!